Alpha and Family

If you didn’t think there are subhumans around you; think again. This is a 14 months old, almost $4,000 female pup, that was surrendered to be euthanized because her owners couldn’t deal with her. Yes, you heard that correctly. SOMEONE SPENT ALMOST FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS ON A BREED THEY KNEW NOTHING ABOUT AND SURELY COULD NOT HANDLE WITHOUT ADDRESSING ITS’ NEEDS. Alpha was locked away in a basement most of her short life. Alpha had no idea what a leash was, or how to walk along side a human, she was deemed dog and human aggressive because she’s very vocal and her behavior was misunderstood. No one was able to control or walk her. She came to us with a bloody tip of her tail which was covered in old scabs and had no fur on it… this condition is called “happy tail” , it happens when a dog is wagging their tail too much and hitting the nearby surfaces; in this particular case;  it also happens when a dog is under-exercised and the breed is not given the work it requires. She’s just a baby, who has a LOT to learn about LIFE and LOVE, training and being social. Alpha has been Adopted along side our adopted boy, Polo and will now live in a pack of GSD dogs.

I’m happy I’ve found my forever family!