Alpha and Family

If you didn’t think there are subhumans around you; think again. This is a 14 months old, almost $4,000 female pup, that was surrendered to be euthanized because her owners couldn’t deal with her. Yes, you heard that correctly. SOMEONE SPENT ALMOST FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS ON A BREED THEY KNEW NOTHING ABOUT AND SURELY COULD NOT HANDLE WITHOUT ADDRESSING ITS’ NEEDS. Alpha was locked away in a basement most of her short life. Alpha had no idea what a leash was, or how to walk along side a human, she was deemed dog and human aggressive because she’s very vocal and her behavior was misunderstood. No one was able to control or walk her. She came to us with a bloody tip of her tail which was covered in old scabs and had no fur on it… this condition is called “happy tail” , it happens when a dog is wagging their tail too much and hitting the nearby surfaces; in this particular case;  it also happens when a dog is under-exercised and the breed is not given the work it requires. She’s just a baby, who has a LOT to learn about LIFE and LOVE, training and being social. Alpha has been Adopted along side our adopted boy, Polo and will now live in a pack of GSD dogs.

I’m happy I’ve found my forever family!

Hoarding Case Rescue

We can’t begin to put into words the horror of animal hoarding and what it does to it’s victims. We need YOUR HELP to help them with their transformation and provide these dogs with the medical care they’ve neglected to receive their entire lives.

We are happy to step in to change the lives and fate of these dogs, and are pleased to have the opportunity to show them that kindness and compassion exists.

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