8 CHEESY PUPPYS 🧀 arrived safely into their foster homes on Halloween weekend. These 8 week old lab/boxer mixes are ready to get some major TLC and find their forever homes in NYC.

Pepperjack is quick to mesmerize everyone with his unique coloring. He’s also got the warmest and cuddliest personality. When he’s not snuggling up to his foster sister and littermate Ricotta, he’s begging for attention from his foster parents. Once he’s tired of playing he settles down quickly and can nap forever!

I’m happy I found my forever family!

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Amara is a 6 year old German Shepherd Dog who was adopted from a Texas shelter and then returned, 3 months later, in near death condition. Amara is extremely emaciated, scarred and bruised with open sores on her legs and paws, she cowers in fear often, and has a mutilated toe on her right paw.

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